Samsung SPH-L500 cruises through FCC, headed to Sprint


The FCC has just cleared a Samsung device, the SPH-L500, and it looks like the device is heading to Sprint. It’s packing radios for Sprint’s 3G network, as well as Band 25 LTE and SVLTE (simultaneous voice and data) capabilities.  Oddly enough, the device’s measurements are just a bit smaller than the Galaxy S 4, coming in at about 5.2 inches tall and 2.6 inches wide.

There’s not many details in the filing, aside from the standard WiFi and Bluetooth radios and NFC, so we don’t know specs, screen size, or if this will even be an Android device. Whatever the case may be, we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we hear anything else.

source: FCC

via: Engadget