iHeartRadio update adds “Perfect For” and alarm clock functions


Fans of online music and radio streaming service iHeartRadio may have noticed an update was available this week. Clear Channel Radio added a couple new features to help keep pace with other popular music service apps. The first of these is a “Perfect For” function that lets users pick a mood or activity and get suggestions from a list of curated stations. iHeartRadio will provide four stations to select from based on choices like “A Traffic Jam” or “Drinking Coffee” or “Chilling Out.”

The second new feature is an alarm function. In its traditional function, the app’s alarm clock works just like a clock radio, enabling users to have their favorite station awaken them from their slumber. The alarm clock is smarter than that though. It can also be programed to turn on when specific shows on certain radio stations start. One use for that function could include turning on the app when a particular call-in contest is running so as not to miss your chance.

If you want to give iHeartRadio a try, use one of the download links below to grab the free app.

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