Chinese HTC One smartphone to feature dual-SIM support and microSD slot



Sure the world is certainly counting down to the awesome HTC One smartphone’s imminent release, but it appears the Chinese variant will be slightly different than the other variants. A new image and accompanying specs have surfaced regarding the 802w variant of the One smartphone that’s headed for Chinese mobile providers. The information highlights this variant of the device will come arrive with dual-SIM support and an expandable microSD-out slot. Additionally, the device will not feature the zero-gap aluminum build that makes the device so appealing– but rather another cheaper quality material instead (aka plastic).

Now while many of you may be upset at this notion that the Chinese variants will be slightly different, there are some potential theories for why this is. While China is by far and away the largest country in the world, many parts of the country are considered to be “emerging markets”—- meaning $600 premium devices are almost certainly inaccessible to folks living out in that market. With that in mind, HTC may be realizing that China is a key market to sell the device in, but must do so at a cost-effective price, so it reduced the on-board storage size and changed the build of the device— thus making it much more affordable and appealing to folks out in China.

As cool as it is seeing this device in its real form, those of us out in the States or Europe shouldn’t expect a similar variant to hit our shores anytime soon.

source: HTC Source

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