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Google targeting all business users by making QuickOffice available for free for all Google Apps users



Since the major acquisition last year, Google has made it clear that it wants QuickOffice to make accessing and editing various Microsoft Office documents for the average consumer— but what about the various businesses out there? Sure business have the option of using their Google Apps account to access Google Drive, but let’s face it— Google Drive isn’t exactly intuitive and doesn’t mesh well with various Office documents out there. Well Google has heard businesses’ cries and made QuickOffice available for all Google Apps users… all for the smooth price of free. This means that all you Google Apps users out there will have instant access to all your files stored in Google Drive or open up an Office file on your device and have the ability to edit and save the file back to your device or Drive and access them from anywhere, anytime.

Again, the app is available for free for all Google Apps users, so if you have one of those coveted accounts, head on down to the Play Store link and grab your copy today.



Play Store download link


  • Leroy

    I thought I would give the software a try. I was able to download it for free as the article said, but using it is another story. If you already pay for Google Apps for Business, then the use of the software is free. If on the other hand, you haven’t bought “Google Apps for Business”, it will cost you $14.99. You will need to buy “Quick Office Pro” and at $14.99 it is far from “free”.