AT&T’s Galaxy S 4 hits the FCC


We’ve already seen AT&T announce that they’ll start taking preorders for the Galaxy S 4 on April 16th, but if you’re just a really, really skeptical person, we officially have some information about AT&T’s version of the device from an FCC filing. A Samsung device with the exact same dimensions as the S 4 and AT&T’s LTE bands has gotten approval, so unless AT&T and Samsung have another 5-inch device lined up to show us, it’s a pretty safe bet that this is the S 4.

Are any of you picking up an S 4 on AT&T this month?

source: Engadget

  • Jack Koenig

    I am planning to get it. I was interested in the Note II, but have decided to go for the S4 instead.

  • Abdul Rahman

    Can’t wait for the S4 to become available in Asia. Hurry up Samsung!