Sprint Galaxy S II to Receive Jelly Bean Update (Finally)


If you have been sitting in the wings watching the GSIII and GS4 come and go, you are probably feeling a little “left behind”. If you are still stuck in your two year contract and have fallen a bit behind the power curve of late, fear not, a refreshing new update to your old trusty handset should be just what the Doctor ordered.

Sprint announced yesterday that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is on its way! I know this has been a long wait for those of you who have had your GSII since its release in 2011, but your wait is finally over. As you probably know, and have severely drooled over time-and-time again, the new update will bring with it:

  • Google Now
  • Project Butter Animations
  • Lock Screen Widgets
  • Numerous stability and battery saving enhancements

But get this, the new update will also bring with it numerous GS3 GUI enhancements, to include Smart Stay eye tracking for keeping the phone awake, and Pop Up Play for watching videos in a window hovering over simultaneously running applications.

The Android update is currently available to download and install. Check out Samsung’s help site for more information on the update and specific installation procedures.

Source: CNET

  • nishanttamrakar

    when will gs2 gt-9100g will get the jelly bean update…..in india???

    • caliber

      Uk and Ireland still waiting for jelly at XEU :-

  • http://www.facebook.com/ray.zavitz Ray Zavitz

    Will we have to root our phone yourself or just wait for an auto update. I love my phone and don’t’ want to void my warranty. Please help!

    • sunil

      Why I dont have the updata for s2 4.2.2 now?

  • M42

    Better late than never. Glad to see JB rolling out to some older devices.

  • kiingperps

    Needed neww update

  • BeeAA

    I need this update

  • mostafa

    How can I download it?

  • deano

    Finally i can get the update this phone needs

  • i need to update my phone pls.

    i need to update my phone pls.

  • zaw min aung

    Could i get the update software for the GS ace plus 7500

  • lana

    Why i dont have the updata for s2 right now ??!!!!!!!?????????

  • Margi

    I downloaded the new update and my phone now (for no reason that I am aware of) continues to crash then restarts itself. Not so sure I should have been in such a hurry to get the new update. Maybe should have wait for reviews.

  • ana

    How can i get it?

  • Peggy


  • VirgoVirgo

    Promised on Motorola Photon 4g, never got it & apparently never will…one way to force a device upgrade!

  • dev

    are u launched jelly been 4.1 in Ireland ?

  • tamu

    Need a new update for my s2

  • roxie31

    When will the samsung galaxy s2 from boost mobile get the update in california ?