AT&T nabs US exclusivity on the 64GB variant of the HTC One


Thanks to a recent video of the HTC One by AT&T, we have  now learned that the wireless company has been awarded US exclusivity of the 64GB variant of the upcoming HTC One. While it’s great for AT&T users, this is terrible news for everyone else.

My question  is, if HTC is trying their best to crawl themselves out of the hole they’re currently in, why in the world would they grant any carrier exclusivity on the 64GB variant of their flag ship device? Let’s just hope this exclusivity won’t last too long.

  • Mystery Man

    And HTC wonders why no one buys their phones anymore…

  • jason

    I had planned on getting the 64 th through sprint, after waiting 2 months already for this phone, I now am hearing that AT&T is exclusive for the 64gb. what a let down.