New (believable) Google Babble mock-up shows up


We’ve seen some leaks lately regarding Google Babble, and we’ve seen many of those leaks debunked. This time, though, we’ve got a mock-up of Babble that actually looks believable. It was posted on a Dutch site called Skloink, so it’s not official from Google or anything, but it definitely looks like something we could actually see from Google in the future.

It takes on a very Google Plus-esque approach, which is something Google has been pushing hard for lately. There are also cards similar to what we see in Google Now and in the newer versions of the Play Store. So even though this isn’t definitely what Google Babble is going to look like, let’s hope Google sees this and takes notes. It looks like an extremely polished, extremely well done app.

source: Droid Life

via: Skloink