Google Glass Gets Eye-Piece Patent


Google received a big win today in the patent department regarding Google Glass. Patent 20130070338 is probably the most important patent for the Search Giant’s wearable tech. What makes it so important is the fact that it details everything regarding the eye piece. You know, the part that the whole Project Glass is centered around. The claim details how the HUD will work and interact with the user. That’s just one out of 28 claims though.  If you have some free time you can read the full technical document that encompasses all 28 claims here.

I’m sure the folks at Mountain View are sleeping easier knowing that Glass is protected. No one can come after them for patent infringement. It’s a safe bet that Google will waste no time going forward with the project considering that it took the Patent Office over a year to process and accept the patent. Even with the Explorer Edition just passing through the FCC, this win should certainly put some pep into Google’s step.

source: Patent Bolt

  • Buddha Buck

    This isn’t a patent; this is a patent application. Google is asking for the patent, but it hasn’t been granted yet — and it may very well fail to be granted in its current form (it’s not uncommon for patent applications to be initially rejected, subject to revision and reapplication.)