Adblock Plus Not Discouraged By Play Store Ban, Creates Easy Workaround

Adblock Plus

Google has made it very clear they won’t allow ad-blocking apps in the Play Store and one such app recently removed was Adblock Plus. The desktop version continues to move right along with almost 25 million users on Chrome and Firefox combined. Although Adblock Plus can no longer be installed through Google Play, they’ve made it available for any Android user to manually install. By going to “Settings, “Security” and selecting “Unknown Sources”, you can install the app on your phone or tablet. Automatic updates have been added to the latest version of Adblock Plus so users won’t have to deal with manually installing a new version every time one is released. How do you feel about ad-blockers? Should they be allowed in Google Play?

Source: Adblock Plus

  • GraveUypo

    i will always use adblockers, but it’s up to google to allow them or not on their store. after all it hits their main income source.

    • antifud

      I’m tired of developers acting like they can’t live without ads when they can charge whatever they want for an app on the play store. so I’m happy that adblock continues to exist and stay relevant.

  • NevynTheNomad

    Charge me money for your app, do not advertise to me! I have money. I do not want ads!