T-Mobile to include UMA on future Android devices?

uma2-wifi calling

Images from within T-Mobile  have surfaced, showing signs that new Android devices may have a feature called “Wi-Fi Calling without hand-off”.

According to TmoNews, other images received along with the images shown here suggest the feature was demo’d using the new G2 (soon to be released from T-Mobile) as well as the LG Optimus.

uma1-wifi calling

A couple of notable mentions regarding the usage of the new feature outline that calls are made over wi-fi only. Once you leave your wi-fi zone, your call will drop. Also, it’s likely that this will not be a trend on all future T-Mobile devices, but rather on “select” devices, at T-Mobile’s discretion.

I don’t know about you, but you can add this to the Rant posted earlier. This was a feature many carriers included 3-4 years ago where you could simply connect a wi-fi hub at your residence and make calls using your internet connection as opposed to your wireless carrier to save you usage fees.

Here’s what this writer thinks: great idea, but don’t be selective with the devices, just include the app and put it in the App Market for your older Android devices to use as well.

[via TmoNews]

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