New Hack Allows Bypass Of Pin-Secured Lockscreen On Galaxy Smartphones

Galaxy Smartphone Hack

A new hack has been revealed which allows people to bypass a pin-secured lockscreen on Galaxy smartphones. Discovered by Terrence Eden who uncovered a Galaxy Note II security flaw earlier this month, by using a combination of keypresses and commands, someone can unlock the screen. The exploit comes from placing a failed emergency call where the screen is unlocked very briefly. On the flip side, Samsung is already working on a software fix and this hack only allows access for a very short period of time. Terrence uploaded a video to YouTube showing the hack which you can check out below. In the meantime, don’t leave your Galaxy smartphone just laying around.

Source: SlashGear

  • LBJAY02

    Has anybody else tried this? It doesn’t happen on my S3. I never see the home screen …

  • Seth Kwitko

    Doesn’t happen on my GSII with AOSP-based ROM. Not sure about stock TW ROM, however. Will have to try it on my co-worker’s phone tomorrow.

    • Mike Stenger

      It only works on phones running stock so users with custom ROMs should be just fine.

  • Ray of Perth

    Not a worry to me! I dont ever use a lock screen of any type. Just keep your phone with you at all times and no problems.

    • Mike Stenger

      Exactly. And in all reality, the amount of people who know how to pull of this hack and the odds of them getting ahold of your phone, are extremely slim.

  • Cynthia Battle

    My phone was broken into twice. Fuck Samsung Galaxy.

  • Ahmed

    Thanks Mike,, the trick is out dated after new updates it will not work. :-(