Droid X 2.2 update issues found

Droid X FroYo

It seems there have been several reports coming in from Droid X users unhappy about the recent update to Adroid 2.2. Some of the issues reported include SMS problems, disorganized message display, camera lag, higher battery usage, random rebooting still not addressed,issues with text notifications, freezing keyboard functionality.

To add to the ever growing list, some have reported problems with the Audio and ring tones. These update issues have not affected all Droid X users, however, it has affected enough that Verizon has made known they are working on a fix to correct many of these reported issues.

Let’s hope they don’t keep anyone hanging for too long!

[via Examiners]

  • Michael R. Marano

    Had a bunch of audio issues just after the update. I factory reset the phone and loaded all my apps by hand. Audio problem solved.

    However, we can add another bug to the list Speed Dial Setup: You have to SCROLL to choose a contact for a speed dial assignment on the dialer. If you type in the name to search for it, the dialer won’t recognize or save your choice. Only scrolling works.

  • drsadistic

    The worst issue I’ve experienced with mine I’d the incredibly low volume…

  • Joe

    I second the insanely low volume worst speaker phone I ever had

  • drsadistic

    Agreed… The volume is so low on mine its literally unusable

  • john

    See for me the update improved my audio drastically. My ringer is much louder now as is the speaker when used during calls. I havnt had any issues aside from getting FC problems when using he battery manager. It comes and goes

  • outdoor Life

    With the new update my GPS is locked out so their for I can not use…

  • Clint robins

    I’m having problems with my camera. My camera won’t save pictures and my video camera won’t work at all. I can’t even play the videos I’ve already recorded.

  • LF

    Friday night I received an email from verizon wireless to upgrade to 2.2. The download went well, the installation was about 95% completed when my phone froze.

    Despite all my attempt to power off, take out and reinstall battery, etc., the phone will not work. Even the technicians at the Verizon store were unable to fix it. I am getting a new phone sent to me.

    In the meantime I am using my old Droid, but I get messages every few minutes to upgrade…NO WAY!

  • Joel P

    The biggest proble i have when i updated to 2.2 is when im on my music it basicly always freezes my phone or the music pad.

  • david h

    I’ve noticed more battery drain, and when using facebook my messages come in hours later, sometimes never. Social network app also takes forever to refresh. I’ve also done a master reset after the update and takes a really long time to do the whipe. Question for any one who knows should we update the flash app in the market or use the one installed with the update? Never showed notification for a update in the market, but that one shows higher version. Thanks

  • Peter G

    I updated my Droid EVO 4G this morning. Update went well but now all live streaming audio plays out at something akin to half speed, i.e, playing a 45 record at 33 1/3 LP speed… This problem is persistent regardless of browser app (I had two installed and both had the same problem). It did not affect audio files that played canned advertisements through the same browser. Video streaming seemed unaffected and kept up in real time but the companion audio rapidly fell out of synch with it. Contacted HTC tech support. They were not able to replicate the problem with what they thought was a similarly configured phone, however; the Sprint store I went to prior to my tech support call to HTC was able to duplicate the issue. The tech in the store had executed the same update this morning also and after listening to me complain and working with my phone he decided to try his and he had the exact same problem. ONe thought is that he may have a phone from the same batch as mine. these phones were hard to get and I purchased mine about a month ago from the same store… HTC tech support had me reset to factory defaults but that did not fix my problem. I need to either get a software update or return the phone to them for repair. Both options suck, but I am opting for the software update. Incidentally, when I asked HTC tech support about simply rolling back to the previous version I was told no can do….. not good

  • david h.

    Hey Peter G this thread is for Motorola Droid X lol…

  • john

    I’ve been noticing a lag in touch screen response. Like if I touch an icon or a menu option in settings it takes a second before it will highlight in red showing that the object was selected.

  • john

    Forgot to mention im running a stock official 2.2 droid x. Never rooted.

  • john

    Also some apps are very slow to load now. Specifically gtalk. It used to open instantly now it will sit on a white screen for a few seconds before the friends list shows up. Seems to be an overall lag in the phones core functions however web browsing does seem a bit faster since the froyo update

  • jason

    I’m having media file problems. Try to play a song and it states unknown format. Reboot and then I can play the song. Also having problems with phone freezing. Dissapointing because I had no problems whatsover before the update.

  • mark

    the orientation lags sometimes anyone else with this issue ??

  • riley

    I have had all the the problems listed above except the. Audi problem. My main problem though is that my music app basically “bricks” my phone. I have to take out the battery and reboot my phone about 4 times in order for it to work. Its horrible. I want 2.1 back

  • bob

    2.2 destroyed my phone. Shit sucks!

  • Priscilla

    My volume is loud but my camera wont start at all! I have to restart my phone for it to work & I’m able to take 2 pictures before it stops working again. I’ve also noticed that apps are a lot slower, specially Facebook as someone had already said. Gosh this update ruined my phone! They better fix it ASAP. :/

  • MadMan

    2.2 sucks. my phone keeps freezing automatically every time i try to play my media/music. It’s annoying, having to keep pulling the battery out. I’m exchanging mine for a HTC incredible.

  • dubzsquared

    My battery life has been much better and my ringer and text notifications have been louder. My problems are with screen lag. It seems like the scrolling isn’t as smooth and when I turn the screen to landscape it freezes up briefly. Sometimes the Swype keyboard goes crazy in landscape orientation as well. Overall, it seems to not be performing as well. It’s driving me nuts. I’m also frustrated that the Verizon/Motorola bloatware seems to be even more active, eating up more memory than before. They also added VZ Navigator…who the hell needs that piece of crap when you can have Google Maps for free? Even worse, VZ Navigator seems to be doing some sort of background work even though I’ve never started the app. I’m considering rooting my phone and disabling the crapware that you can’t uninstall. Fix this shit soon VZW! I bought this phone because it was supposed to be the best.

  • nowadroidfan

    I pretty much have all of these issues!!!! I am not kidding. Everything is laggy and doesnt work the way it should. The market doesn’t auto-update, volume really low, touchscreen is not as responsive, sound doesnt match up to finger taps. This is unnaceptable Verizon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • craig

    My dx won’t update. Keeps telling check for updates is unavailable

  • Priscilla

    Craig don’t update it! So not worth it!!

  • Norm

    2.2 destroyed my first phone to a point where it would constantly get stuck on an M forcing me to do at least 10+ battery pulls consecutively to get it to reboot properly. My new replacement now at least doesnt do that, but has all of the issues in this article. Android sucks. I said it. It sucks. Carriers and their own versions are the cause for these problems. Every manufacture should use the same 2.2… not a Moto, HTC or Samsung version… just Google’s 2.2 /rant

  • Dawn

    I’m glad to see it’s not just me. I did the 2.2 update on my phone and I’ve had nothing but problems ever since!!! My ringtones jacked up, regardless of my settings, my phone would just vibrate….Now I’m locked out of my GPS. I’ve been trying to search for a way to downgrade my phone back to the previous firmware version cause 2.2 sucks and now I’m wishing I bought another blackberry.

  • John

    I had problems with the camera and vid recorder right after the update. Screen was blank in both cases. I complained ans they sent me a new phone. It had 2.1 so I updated it first and then reinstalled my apps. Everything works just fine right now. I also have better battery life with 2.2.

  • Jake


  • Jim

    After 2.2 update on my Droid X, I no longer have the market app

  • john

    you name its happened to my droid x…. verizon is sending me #3…

  • Heather Nicholas

    my alarm isnt going on in the morning.. when you pay $200 and rely on a phone, you expect for it to get you up in the morning.. the unread text messages are out of order.. the locking system is bull.. all i want is the slide to unlock but thats not possible.. is there any way to go back to the 2.1 or are they going to work on fixing these issues? i LOVE the phone & expect to get what you pay for.

  • Steven Quick

    Delayed touch response, freezing when multitasking (i.e.: music, messages, facebook, etc), delayed camera capture, all of that. Leave it to VZW to update a perfectly functionable phone to a slow operating piece of junk. Fix please? (:

  • alethea

    I’ve had a couple issues with my droid x… First, my social networking does not update profile pictures. It says a person has changed their picture but does not update on top… it still has profile pictures from when the phone had the update. Anyone else?

    Also, I can be holding the phone in my hand and if I click on a link or open certain apps, the phone’s orientation will rotate to landscape. This is true for every app when the phone is lying on a flat surface. Highly annoying…

  • Mark

    2.2 bricked my phone, Verizon is sending me a new one.

  • Bryan

    My droid x was the best phone I’ve every had. After I did the update it was all down road. Phone won’t load my memory card so now I cant use my camera or video camera. Battery life really sucks now. Won’t load any of my songs. Screen response is way slow. swype make a lot of errors now. Everytime I use facebook app it force closes on me. Browser is so slow and forget about going on youtube it doesn’t even load videos now. 2.2 has ruined my phone!!!! This sucks!!!!

  • pissed off

    I lost a bunch of my apps including market so I cant get them back. I have to take out the battery all the time to get the phone unfrozen now. touch just wont respond. If I can’t use it its no good for me

  • Panda1223123

    i cant save anything on my camera! my gallery really lags, and my phone just reboots randomly!!!