HTC One is definitely not coming to Verizon


Ah, the HTC One. That amazing new device that’s going to spearhead HTC’s 2013 assault on Samsung. The device that supposedly will be getting nearly every major carrier on board with its launch to guarantee success. Well, every carrier except the biggest carrier in the US.

We’d heard some iffy rumors about Verizon receiving the HTC One a month after its launch on other US carriers, but according to a tweet directly from HTC’s twitter page, you should be looking at the Droid DNA instead. While the DNA is a fantastic phone, (and possibly even better than the One if you absolutely want a bigger screen) it’s a bit disappointing to see HTC fail to get Verizon on board with this. And while we know for certain there’s some kind of Droid DNA+ waiting to be unleashed on the world, you can’t help but think that having your flagship device unavailable on a carrier like Verizon is going to hurt HTC in the long run against phones like the S 4 or iPhone, which have identical phones available on all US carriers.

Maybe in the next few months we’ll see Verizon change their mind and offer the One. Better late than never, right? Any Verizon customers disappointed about this news, or are you happy with the 5-inch Droid DNA?

source: Twitter

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • James Puma

    They absolutely shouldve waited on the DNA … And they should’ve done a “worldwide release” of the M7….they need brand recognition stop calling your freakin phones “one this” “one that”….M7 was actually a cool name….I’ve owned 4 HTC devices but I will never buy another….the whole experience as a customer from purchase to updates to reselling the phone was awful

    • Jeb Eldridge

      HTC phones are splendid phones, have a very unique, stable, unified user interface. They are the prime Android phones, much better build quality than Samsung or (most) LG phones! I’m always hearing of updates for HTC phones quickly, Samsung is always slow to update even simple features on their phones. The HTC One is a great addition to the HTC family, for sure!

  • Jeb Eldridge


  • Matthew Locaciato

    As an owner and full time user of the DNA, I must admit that I followed closely as the rumors came out about the M7 (One). My old phone died any I could wait no longer for the One release. A few months in, and I truly lovely my DNA, however the One is an obvious hardware step up. The only reason I’m still content with my DNA is because of the 5 inch screen. But still I’m not surprised at Verizon for going against the grain. I think they missed there boat one selling this year’s hottest phone. I’m sure that DNA+ will have the Snap 600 along with an upgrade camera, Verizon sees no need to have 2 of the same phones. This is the reason Verizon is not getting the One. They like to appear better then the rest.

  • joe kimber

    I have Verizon,the choice 4 them is the 4,Samsung paid.them not 2 take.this device after the comment HTC made.on sammi,just my take!

  • Benitez Burns

    So happy that I am not a big red customer!! :-)

  • J.Womack

    I’m a long-time VZW customer and I can say that I am very, very disappointed at the news. So much so that I am currently considering buying the Developer edition HTC One and attempting to “bring my own device” to the VZW network.

  • ShapesBlue

    Hey everyone ironically htc USA never posted this to twitter. Don’t assume everything you read on twitter is correct

    • Brandon McAnsh

      The tweet has been deleted.

  • Victor Lequerique

    I have the HTC DNA with verizon. I like the HTC One as well, but I prefer the DNA. Bigger screen, more beautiful look, solid build and I prefer Sense 4+ over Sense 5. They both are almost identical in specs. I prefer the bigger screen over a better camera, after all if I’m gonna take pictures I would use a real camera. And as far as memory is concerned I will never use more than 16gb so no need for the extra expense. My battery last almost 2 days. So I have the perfect phone!