HTC accuses Samsung of stealing innovation, vows to patent everything around the HTC One


HTC’s President of Global Sales, Jason Mackenzie, sat down for an interview about the HTC One. Let’s just say he had a few slightly unkind words for Samsung and a few other Android OEMs.

It’s no secret that the HTC One X had a very highly praised camera. The pictures were fantastic, and HTC included several different nifty little features for users, such as burst shot and slow motion video capture. Now, though, it seems like every phone you buy has burst shot for pictures and slow motion video camera, and apparently that irks HTC a bit.

Mackenzie talked about how marketing for the One X was, quite honestly, weak. Going along with HTC’s company motto, they certainly were “quietly brilliant” about their device features. He goes on to say that HTC was “too quiet” and that was ultimately what allowed other competitors, like Samsung, to swoop in and use some of HTC’s innovative features, like burst shot, and then throw piles of marketing dollars at it. The end result? Consumers thought Samsung innovated the feature, not HTC.

So how does HTC handle that differently this time around? Mackenzie says they’re planning on trademarking the catchy names they’re using in the HTC One. BlinkFeed, BoomSound, and UltraPixel will all be trademarked terms, and HTC plans on using them in a year-round marketing assault, as opposed to a brief marketing binge for just a few weeks after product launch. He says HTC is in a position where they’re bumping against the two biggest mobile manufacturers in the world, Apple and Samsung, and HTC is more than capable of holding their own in that fight.

Is that aggressive patenting and marketing going to be able to steal some thunder away from Samsung’s impending superphone? I have no idea, but the HTC One looks like a fantastic phone that can give anything else on the market a run for its money. As long as this competition stays out of the courtrooms and newspapers, I’m all for it.

source: FierceWireless

About the Author: Jared Peters

Born in southern Alabama, Jared spends his working time selling phones and his spare time writing about them. The Android enthusiasm started with the original Motorola Droid, but the tech enthusiasm currently covers just about everything. He likes PC gaming, Lenovo's Moto Z line, and a good productivity app.

  • Saif

    They can’t sue any Android partner though

  • Toss3

    Rofl at trademarking something Nokia came up with(referring to Ultrapixel here). Besides who would even want something that produces low-quality shots? I also think Samsung were first with stereo front speakers in their tablets. HTC also were definitely not the first manufacturer to introduce burst shot. Almost all of the so-called innovation in the HTC One came from Nokia. HTC should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Toss3

      The Samsung Reality had multi-shot technology in 2010. The Samsung Wave had slow motion way before any HTC phone ever did. There are also a plethora of apps on the play store that do the exact same thing as HTC claims to have invented with BlinkFeed. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 had stereo frontspeakers before HTC put them into the HTC One. The HTC One also copied the look of the Z10. So what exactly did HTC innovate here?

      • Nexus:D

        The whole design of the HTC ONE was already in the works for 12 years buddy
        Look it up

        • Toss3

          Sure about that? I very much doubt that HTC were planning anything to do with Android in 2001, as they only came out with their first phone in 2000, and the first Android-based phone in 2009. Of course every new iteration of HTC phones use technology and things they have learned from their previous versions, but that does not mean that the phones have been in development for the whole life of the company.

    • Esa Edvik

      Do you even know what Ultrapixel is? Look it up.

      • Toss3

        Yes. They use a larger 1/3″ sensor with 2µm pixels combined with an OIS f/2.0 lens. How is this anything new? OIS was introduced in the Nokia 920 and the 920 also had a similarly sized sensor, only much better. Have you even looked at shots taken with the HTC One? They are simply awful.

        • Nokia Lover

          I have taken a shot with the HTC ONE VS the NOKIA and I must say that its a very good camera in my opinion way better than the NOKIA 920 which is my current phone. The question is Have you taken a photo with the HTC One and had a good look at it. Also you are wrong about the whole stereo sound…it was actually HTC who came up with it because the so called stereo speakers on the samsung tab was just two speakers NOT LEFT RIGHT CHANNEL

          • Toss3

            Have you even looked at the shots on a larger screen? They are full of pixelation and noise. The shots are also void of any sort of detail and any trustworthy review of it will show you exactly what I am talking about. The colors are also way off compared to the 920.

          • Toss3

            The iPad mini has stereo speakers, and the Galaxy Tab 2 was then at least the first consumer tablet to include speakers in that particular layout, so HTC still did not do anything new. My guess is that stereo speakers were used way before HTC even existed, so claiming it as their innovation is just plain wrong.

            You’re probably also going to tell me that the HTC One does not share any similarities to the BB Z10? HTC is way worse than Samsung when it comes to copying, and then they have the audacity to claim that others are copying their innovations.

  • Carlos Antonio

    The best quality phones out there are HTC, for sure. The iPhone 5 is a joke and the SIII may perform decently enough, but it’s horrific plastic body and mediocre screen cannot compare to HTC’s.

    • RTWright

      You’ve honestly been bought out by HTC and are now their little slave. Because they have not put out anything of superior quality in a while. Otherwise they would NOT be A: In bed with Apple now, B: Struggling as a company, having to close down a location and dragging ass behind everyone. They’ve done nothing innovative period in the last 2 years. Which is WHY they are crying now.

      They’ve done nothing but take perks away from consumers since the Evo 4G. With each release after it, they took more and more of the consumer perks ( Kickstand, SDCards, Removable Batteries, etc… ) and gave them nothing more than mere bloatware, bloated UI and a boatload of excuses as to why they can’t upgrade to the next OS on systems using 512MB of internal storage. While there were a lot of us using ROMs of said OS builds that didn’t utilize their crappy overly bloated Sense UI.

      Also I have a Galaxy SIII that is not using stock OS, using 4.2.2 and has burst shot in it! So no, HTC did not come up with it first by a longshot it’s been around a while as it’s been pointed out here by a few. HTC needs to pick up the pace and start giving the consumer what they want instead of joining the likes of Google in creating the Apple version of Android aka iDroid!

      • Shawn Spencer

        Burst shot was created by HTC

  • Andy J

    Yes because Burst Shot and taking a picture while recording video were not at all features built into Android 4 and shown off at Google I/O last year…..

  • danny vilorio

    Yes HTC One better than Nokia Nokia not have boomsound blinfeed HTC zoe gallery 4 processors 1.7 and a higher ppi 468 and e ultrapixels camera who is Nokia in front of this monsters nothing

  • danny vilorio

    And Nokia,not running Android shut up Nokia and Samsung fans

  • danny vilorio

    Hey body HTC right now is the mark ok nobody can’t stop HTC HTC is the best smartphone ever created

  • danny vilorio

    Shut up all samsungs and iPhone fans just shut up HTC winner

  • Richard Yarrell

    Pretty comical by Htc they don’t want too tangle with Samsung trust that. Htc needs to stop smoking that hash..Samsung bitch slaps Htc silly in every area except build quality. Otherwise Htc is so soft it’s pretty comical.

  • Jeb Eldridge

    Patents? Psh, like that will stop Sammy!