SmartAds aims to pay smartphone and tablet users to see ads on their devices



Want to watch an ad or two and get paid for it? Well the Indiegogo project for SmartAds may have an incentive for you. It recently announced its goal to pay smartphone and tablet users up to $25 per device monthly to see ads on their lock screens— so hypothetically, users could see up to $50 monthly just for seeing ads on their devices. Using a free app, the ads will be based off your interests and your locations, ensuring that you see personalized ads of products or services that are likely to entice you. What’s even better is the fact that ads can be closed in order to reveal the lock screen or they can be clicked in order to give people more info on the particular product or service.

It’s an interesting product to be sure, but let’s see how seamless this idea is implemented once it is fully available to the masses.




source: Indiegogo
via: Mashable

  • Jason

    There were schemes like this for computers back in the late 90’s. And of course, they didn’t last long.

  • Caio

    Anyone remember Agloco? Same idea, failure of course.