Latest ComScore report shows Apple is experiencing major growth, while Android is still the top OS… but slowly losing steam



Should Android manufacturers finally have reason to worry about Android’s perceived growth as a mobile platform? The latest ComScore report indicates that yes, they may need to worry for once.  According to the report, the period between October 2012 and January 2013 shows that Apple is slowly beginning to eat away at the overall smartphone subscriber market share thanks to its 37.8% share among smartphone subscribers— up from 34.3% in October. Conversely, Samsung led the pack among Android devices thanks to its 21.4% share among smartphone subscribers— up from 19.5% in October. HTC, Motorola and LG round out the top five manufacturers.



Additionally, Android’s market share is slowly beginning to show signs of erosion, while Apple’s iOS platform is experiencing steady growth. Android’s overall share decreased to 52.3% in January, down from 53.6% in October; iOS grew to 37.8%— representing an increase from 34.3% in October.

source: ComScore

  • hellanwell

    didnt apple have a major phone launch….

  • M42

    Apple’s OS is tired looking. Android would beat them like a drum if phone makers would roll out Jelly Bean to phones made in the last couple of years. With Project Butter a lot of older phones can run JB a lot faster and smoother than ICS. And JB is light years ahead of IOS.

  • Bakirsaad200

    Thats just in the USA. It’s just a country from 196 countries in the world. It counts that Samsung is the best smartphone maker in the world.