News Corp Launches Android Tablet Built Exclusively For Education


Android tablets open up new, affordable experiences for learning in schools, and News Corp has launched a tablet geared specifically for the education market. Back in July, the mass media corporation rebranded its educational unit to Amplify and this tablet was built out of that after months of testing. Specs are scarce at the moment, but what we do know is it’s a 10-inch Android tablet running custom software.

What makes the Amplify tablet different is its clear focus on education. For example, once students are logged in, they have access to a set list of apps and on the right hand side are “notebooks” which allow quick access to different subjects. Teachers are able to add materials directly to these subjects by class period. Here is a video which shows off the features and functionality of Amplify:

Teachers will have such features as taking attendance, blocking apps, polling student comprehension, pushing specific materials to students who need it, and the ability to build custom lesson plans or “Playlists” that include content from digital textbooks or Khan Academy. As far as pricing, the WiFi-only version will run $299 with a two-year subscription at $99 per year.

The Amplify tablet is also available with LTE for $349. However, the two-year subscription at $99 per year is still required and the cost of mobile data through AT&T will run $179 per year.

Source: Engadget

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  • That Guy

    blocking apps? i think not. ever heard of xda-developers?

    • Mike Stenger

      This tablet is for the classroom. I don’t see too many kids being able to pull off a workaround :-)