Twitter to discontinue TweetDeck in May 2013


Twitter has announced that it will no longer continue supporting TweetDeck on iOS and Android devices. Twitter says that this is due to a desire to focus more on its web applications and the Chrome-based version of TweetDeck. As a result, the mobile versions of TweetDeck are scheduled to be discontinued in May 2013.

Recently we wrote about Twitter denying a token extension request for the Falcon Pro app that allows users to access their Twitter accounts with some features not present in the native Twitter app. While TweetDeck isn’t a third party app, since it is owned by Twitter, it seems to be another effort to force consumers to utilize the native apps on both iOS and Android platforms.  What are your thoughts on the discontinuation of TweetDeck on iOS and Android? If this affects you, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: TweetDeck

  • MarMen

    Ils google still plans to but twitter ? ;-)

  • Geek_Musical Psico

    I really like this app, smooth and light, touch response is fine, but some time ago i noticed that they don’t updade anymore, so i started to use TweakDeck, “a modified version of TweetDeck to fix some issues with the current Market release” sad that they definitely don’t want to keep official app anymore, and i read news about restrictions for Falcon app :(