New SmartBot uses your smartphone as a brain


If you’re the kind of person that likes to tinker around with hardware as much as software, the brand new SmartBot is going to hit the top of your wish list pretty quickly. It’s a small robot that’s powered completely by your smartphone. It uses your phone’s screen, camera, LED lights, etc. to do pretty much everything. The phone sits in a small docking portion of the robot and goes from there. The application for SmartBot even has a little happy face to complete the combo.

SmartBot also has plenty of ports for add-ons and extensions for things like motors and electromagnets and so on, and currently offers support for accessories like a gripping claw, a trunk, and even an adapter for LEGO pieces. It’s even got NFC under the hood. The creators of SmartBot, Overdrive Robotics, even have a full SDK for making apps and games with the device. And for only €160.00 (about $208) you can preorder one of these nifty little gadgets for yourself. Shipping starts in April, so you’ve still got a month to decide. Hit the break for an amusing little teaser trailer that just might convince you to buy one.

source: Phandroid

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