Galaxy S IV to feature “eye scrolling” similar to Smart Stay and Smart Rotation


The latest bit of news to come before Samsung announces their Galaxy S IV has to do with software, not hardware. Similar to the fingerless gesture rumor we heard about, Samsung has something planned that will allow you to scroll your phone’s screen with your eyes. So if you’re reading a news article and your eyes reach the bottom of the page, the page will automatically scroll down so you can continue reading without touching the screen. Pretty high tech stuff.

Now, this isn’t new for Samsung, as they invested quite a bit into using facial recognition in the Galaxy S III with their Smart Stay and Smart Rotation features, and they’ve filed for patents related to eye scrolling built into mobile phones, so this is definitely something that we could see on March 14th.

source: NY Times

  • Assem Ibrahim

    I have this in my i9300 running leaked 4.2 jelly bean. It’s called smart scrolling, there is also something new caked smart pause, I can currently access them by long pressing the smart stay toggle in my notifications but it’s not in my settings and I don’t think it’s currently functioning either!

  • Chris Williams


  • Nisha Patel

    Just another samsung gimmick that won’t work properly like s-stay and smart-rotation

    • tushar

      wish i could +5.