Sony Plans To Position Itself Third In Smartphone Markets Worldwide



Sony is hoping to catch more of the smartphone market share this year in the hopes of placing itself as the third largest brand for mobile devices. As of Q4 2012, Sony was ranked fourth in smartphone market share at 4.5 percent of the market and sitting just behind Huawei with 4.9 percent of the market. Sony’s mobile business head Kunimasa Suzuki spoke at a roundtable briefing in Tokyo and says that they’ll alter smartphone development for each different market. This indicates cheaper, less premium smartphones for more developing countries.

Apple and Samsung currently are the top two brands in terms of smartphone market share and Sony seems to understand that knocking either out of their spot for the time being is very unlikely. However, knocking Huawei out of third place who currently has around half a percent more market share, is a very achievable goal that we’ll see develop as we get deeper into 2013.

Source: Reuters