Is Verizon prepping an Android 4.2.2 update for Galaxy Nexus users? Sure seems to be the case



If you’re a Verizon Galaxy Nexus owner, then it looks like you’ve got some sort of update on the way… which we were already aware of and expecting. Reports are coming in that the nation’s wireless carrier is currently testing a mysterious JDQ39 build of Android 4.2.2 which seems to feature some new radios, but unfortunately seems to feature an old bootloader and old kernel version.

Why Verizon isn’t updating the kernel and bootloader beats us— but maybe it’s just part of its extensive testing before rolling out to the masses. Nevertheless we’ll certainly be keeping our eyes and ears open to what Verizon has up in its sleeves for you G-Nex users out there.

source: XDA Forums
via: Android Central

  • L.S. Reeferseed

    Am I crazy or what? My nexus 10 has 4.2.2 w same build. Got it in December.

    • Rob

      Have to buy the Nexus 4 unlocked and directly from Google Play if you want quick updates so that you bypass the phone carriers. Not sure how T-Mobile does with the N4 they sell.