Chrome Super Sync Sports is a BIG (and small) Hit


Who says innovation isn’t any fun?  Certainly not the geeks working over at the all inspiring Googleplex!  Once again Google finds a new way to amaze and excite us in the worlds of both mobile gaming using wireless sync.  How does it work?  Google has developed a way to use a combination of HTML5, CSS3, WebSockets and the Google App Engine to allow players to enjoy a game utilizing the Chrome Browser without additional plugins.  Amazing, right?  You bet it is!

The technology behind the gameplay is only the beginning, because it’s both smooth and responsive over a high speed internet connection.  I found the game to be reliable and entertaining, and at the same time physically and mentally challenging.

Super Sync Sports supports Chrome for Android 4.0 or later, Chrome for iOS 4.3+, Firefox version 15+ and Safari version 5+ on mobile devices.  For desktop, it is compatible with Chrome version 15+, Safari version 5.06+ and Firefox version 10+.

To get started, users must login to both their mobile and desktop device browsers, hit sync on the mobile device, and “super sync” their way to super fun!  Players can invite up to three more friends to join in the game play, making this game even more challenging, fun, and engaging.  Choose from one of several quirky cartoon characters and go!

Basic gameplay includes a series of three styles of races: running, cycling, and swimming.  Players interact with the PC game using finger gestures (at times vigorously) on their mobile device.  If you enjoy physical interaction coupled with intense game play, this game is for you!


Source:  Google Chrome Blogspot