Samsung to release white and black Galaxy S IV with three different memory options for each


We’re still eagerly awaiting Samsung’s announcement of the Galaxy S IV, but we’re still picking up on a few rumors leading up to March 14th. We’ve already talked about the guts that will possibly power the S IV, but now we’re hearing word that Samsung will launch their new flagship in two colors and three memory options for each color. Instead of the usual white and pebble blue we’ve become so used to, Samsung will launch the device in a simple white and black. Nothing ground breaking there, but if history repeats itself, Samsung will likely release a few other colors a few months after launch, just in case you aren’t a fan of simplistic white and black.

As far as memory options go, the S IV will come with either 16, 32, or 64 GB versions for both colors, bringing the total up to 6 different variations of the device. Finding the higher memory options for the Galaxy S III could be difficult depending on the region you live in, so it’s good to see Samsung push these options from the get-go.

So which Galaxy S IV do you guys plan on picking up? Let us know in the comments.

source: SamMobile

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  • D

    I’ll pick up one that’s actually available! I don’t buy rumours.

  • Gayathri

    Do you know anything about its price details and availability? If yes, then let me know. Am eagerly waiting to know that.

  • Michael Perry

    Black and white with 3 memory options… Sounds familiar.

  • Riversdirect

    Is has to be 64gigs But which color is the hard part. I used to hate white now I love it. I love black too though.