Twitter denies Falcon Pro an increase in token limit [Updated – New version of app coming]


Look’s like app democracy is coming to an end folks. Recently developer Joaquim Vergès was forced to take action with Falcon Pro, a 3rd party Twitter app, due to an arbitrary token limit of 100,000 users set by Twitter. Vergès then set the price of Falcon Pro to an obscene amount of $132.13 (€100) to discourage new users from downloading the app. After filing a petition to Twitter to extend the token amount, Vergès was denied the request on the grounds that Falcon doesn’t provide any features that the Twitter app doesn’t already have.

Falcon Pro is extremely popular among Android users for its ease of use, elegant design and inclusion of features that Twitter simply does not have. Though Twitter has not yet said why these limits have been set, the implication is that Twitter is stopping developers from innovating their own apps and is forcing consumers to choose the very basic Twitter app. This is a very disappointing move on Twitter’s part and will only serve to aggravate consumers until a change is made.


It appears that Vergès will release a second version of Falcon Pro with a different application ID, and the price will increase to $1.99 from .99. The second app will allow another 100,000 tokens since it will have a different application ID. The original app will probably still continue to have the $132.13 price point since it still needs to remain in the Play Store for support updates. It will be interesting to see if Twitter takes any action against the newer version.

Source: Twitter

  • tB

    but the ‘Official’ app sucks! UI, lack of themes & out n out plain jane boredumb where wares are concerned. I love Twitter, but i might just make Tumblr my main interface if they keep their shit up!?