HTC One will be the only “One” device in 2013


Yesterday HTC made the announcement that their flagship phone, the HTC One, would be the only device in the “One” lineup for 2013. While this is certainly a bold move for HTC, it could prove to be a wise one. With the competition rising from competitors, such as Samsung and the Galaxy S IV, HTC needs a strategy that will boost sales and consumer attraction. By making the One their focus, HTC is learning from the success of other phones such as the iPhone which Apple has backed as their singular device since its launch in 2007.

HTC wants the One in the hands of as many carriers as possible, and by backing a single device, HTC has a greater chance of accomplishing that goal. Hopefully HTC will back it up with a huge marketing campaign that will attract consumers to the device from now and well into the future. The One is easily one of HTC’s home-run devices due to its incredible performance and stunning design, and you can expect great things yet to come from them.

Via: Droid-Life

  • rich_bown

    “stunning design”? Looks like HTC and blackberry copied the iphone design for their latest devices. At least HTC has a ‘do not sue us’ agreement with apple, not sure about blackberry.

    • Nathan Alvarez

      I can see your points. But, an argument could be made that smartphones in general are moving toward a more simplistic design rather than trying to be unique. While this will probably begin more patent wars between manufacturers, it is nice to see Android carriers taking cues from successful device designs like the iPhone.

      • rich_bown

        I get simplistic ergonomic design, and there’s only so many ways to design a rectangular slab, but Sony do a great job on their designs without copying anyone else, this HTC just seems lazy

  • Andy J

    Flashback to 2012 when they said exactly the same thing about the HTC One Line-up. One X, One V and One S were all they were going to release as they had realised that releasing large amounts of phones meant supporting them was harder….. By Xmas 2012 they had obviously forgotten that pledge…..