Nvidia’s Tegra 4 and Tegra 4i benchmarked at MWC 2013 [Video]


NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 and Tegra 4i processors were demoed today at MWC in Barcelona. NVIDIA’s new processors have been said to be more efficient with battery life while simultaneously delivering supreme performance for future smartphones and tablets. The Tegra 4, based on ARM’s latest Cortex A-15 platform, was benchmarked at 4,166 using the Geekbench 2 benchmark. To put things into perspective Google’s flagship 7-inch tablet , the Nexus 7, scored a 1,536 which is far from bad compared to the current array of tablet.

The Tegra 4 chip also takes advantage of the emerging 1080p screens that we are seeing on tablets and smartphones, producing elements like accurate shadow detailing, smooth and high frame rates and high definition graphics capabilities. While ordinarily this might take a toll on battery life, the Tegra 4 works to save around 25 percent battery life on devices running the processor.

The Tegra 4i processor was also shown at MWC and while not much was said about the processor in terms of benchmarks, it has been noted that the 4i is meant for mid-range tablets and smartphones. It features a quad-core CPU, but less GPU cores than the Tegra 4, while delivering 2.3GHz clock speeds.

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Source: CNET

  • RyanBcrazyMon

    I don’t know why anyone isn’t excited that the tegra 4 geekbeekbench 2 score is over a thousand points higher than the snapdragon 600 and to think they delayed the tegra 4`s release by a whole quarter. It’s really impressive that they have only made a handful of processors and they’ve got the most powerful mobile CPU out there.