HTC provides more clues about the HTC One Camera with cryptic teaser


HTC is giving the public more to speculate over with the release of their latest cryptic picture on their Twitter page. The picture is of a camera lens that seems ordinary to the naked eye. Upon close inspection, however, the numbers “2, 19, 13” are revealed along the lens’ outside rim. These numbers ordinarily would give indications of the camera’s lens quality but these numbers happen to line up with the date of the dual press events in  New York City and London.

Oddly enough, the logo of the lens is blurred out. Why HTC decided to do this is a mystery but the lens build and quality gives off the impression that it could be a Canon lens. Is it possible that the rumored “ultrapixel” technology could be a feature made possible by a partnership between Canon and HTC? The last thing the image suggests is the possibility that the lens could be detachable, which could also mean that a number of camera accessories could be offered. We will find out on February so stay tuned.

Source: Twitter

  • Chris

    The blurred logo clearly reads Canon (twice) and made in Japan, just pinch your eyes and you can see it. the numbers 2, 19 and 13 look very shopped and have nothing in common with a quality labeling for what so ever. Can’t be aperture nor focal length nor anything else. it has to be a hint. it is a 50 mm lens wich is also blurred but readable.

    • Chris

      Canon 50mm EF 1:1,14
      which has no green numbers on it. google it

    • random

      Yeah, 2/19/13, as in the date we’ll get more info.

    • Nathan Alvarez

      The 2, 19, 13 certainly give off the hint that we’ll learn more on February 19th. The mysterious blurring of the Canon brand name is odd but it could also be an indication of a future partnership between HTC and Canon.

  • Tony

    Oh my god…this indeed is turning out to be exciting..