The Android iPhone lives: Apple loses exclusivity rights to iPhone trademark in Brazil


Back in 2000, 7 years before Apple debuted the infamous iPhone, a local Brazilian company called Gradiente Eletronica registered a phone with the same name. As you might expect, Apple has been in courts with the company attempting to claim exclusive rights to use the name internationally. As it turns out, the regulators handling this case ruled in favor of Gradiente Electronica and denied Apple the rights to hold the name exclusively in Brazil. However, the ruling did give Apple exclusivity rights for the iPhone name on items such as clothing, software and various publications.

Apple’s argument in this case was that the exclusivity rights should have been given to them on the grounds that the Brazilian company didn’t release the product they registered the name for until late 2012. Currently the company sells a product under the name, “The iPhone Neo One” which ironically is an Android powered smartphone that costs around $304. Apple can still sell the iPhone in Brazil, but Gradiente could up the ante with a suit against Apple for exclusivity. Apple seems to be losing traction with its battles in the courts which could prove to produce more competition in non-U.S. markets. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments if this decision was or wasn’t a fair one.

Source: BBC

  • Sonicaholic

    Apple have been in UK headlines today after starting court proceedings against a small shop which trades under the name “The Apple Store” who if you haven’t guessed it yet sell Apples, really Apples have been called Apples for a millenia. Mm maybe “an Apple” should take Apple to court as there clearly not a sweet fruit!

  • Dacha LiceKnjiga

    Instead of selling obsolete devices and dragging companies on the court, Apple should try to invent something, invent is not buying smaller companies, patents and t technologies, it’s inventing something from the scratch. I was watching project runaway and HP tablets way before Apple “invented” tablet. And yes, you can only sell same product few times, once in a while customer will wake up

  • Simon Gendreau

    +Dacha is right, Apple should keep inventing instead of preventing others from evolving. Think about selling out your Apple shares. Lucky me, I don’t have any and never will …..