Samsung EVP believes Apple attack against Samsung is “a loss” of innovation



It’s no secret that many of us believe that Apple’s ongoing attack against Samsung is a waste of time and is shameful to say the least, but the ongoing attack can be considered as something even worse. While speaking at the opening night of D:Dive Into Media 2013, Samsung EVP David Eun did not dabble into specifics regarding the continuing litigations that are a waste of time, money and resources— but rather he made it very clear that the ongoing dispute is “a loss” for innovation and more importantly— us, the consumer. So it’s pretty cool finally hearing something that we can all agree upon from such a high-ranking official at Samsung.

Hopefully Apple will realize sooner than later that it’s probably not worth it to keep going on with the petty and meaningless battle.

source: Engadget

  • Richard Yarrell

    Apple can go shit on themselves.

  • IonyxIphone 5

    If Sammy would learn how to innovate on there own instead of trying to steal apples formula they wouldn’t be attacked so much. Poor little Sammy can’t take the heat after it blatantly attacked apple with all its ads and stolen ideas. Now that apples winning and showing how pathetic samsung really is there complaing. This is a harsh comment i know but the truth is never neat or nice.

    • Abdul Rahman

      The word you are looking for is “their own”.
      Also, good try with “stolen ideas”.
      You are clearly born after 80s, and have no clue about all the devices from early 2000, from which Apple stole all of its ideas.
      I guess you should stick to your lovely Apple, simple device, for simple people :-)
      I know, truth is never neat or nice!
      How ironic :-)

      • Richard Yarrell

        Glad you straightened out this poor misleaded soul. He is clueless as usual.

        • IonyxIphone 5

          Let me guess you too think that samsung is original? Show me where. Everything they do is blatant stolen tech. There known for this. They constantly lose cases and are caught red handed. You android folk praised the GS3 yet most if not all the ideas it implemented came from there close relation ship to apple. That’s why there getting sued. Now that there losing all around both credibility and in sales there complaing that innovation is suffering. If they would actually spend more time making good products and less time copying others they may actually do better than they are. Good luck with your herd of fandroids who still think android is the best and apple sucks. Yet sales figures don’t lie. And I’m not talking about the free prepaid crap either. Not a single company let alone every one of them combined can pull off what apple does every day. We’ve killed LG, Moto, HTC, Nokia, Rimm, As well as Nintendos portable, and Sonys PSP. We’ve killed cameras, and watches, Mp3 payers and portable DVD players. There isn’t a single tech today that hasn’t been disrupted by what apple does. People want more from there products. Apples is a one stop shop. When andoid doesn’t suck so much and catches up as far as performance and quality than it may actually be a contender. Until that time it will sit on the side lines like windows and wait.

      • IonyxIphone 5

        How ironic that Sammy would say what they said when they have been found guilty of copying. And lost several court case because of this. Show me how many apple had lost. You can’t. Every one is following apples lead samsung only even showed up on the map because it wants to be more like apple and copies everything they think apple does or may do.

      • IonyxIphone 5

        Something else that strikese as odd and consistent with android users. You call apple devices simple. And you say there for simple people. Never mind that I know more than you do about current and trending tech. Never mind that I could code your smart phone or hack it or repair it if I saw fit. But here’s my point. Most android users praise android for its customization. They call them selves tech savy. Why would I spend in the up wards of $200 for a cell phone thats loaded with a custom skin, that I will then have to search forums and blogs and down load and pay for launchers and apps to change that skin because the carrier filled it with bloat ware that slows it down. Why would I have to load custom roms and task killers and install bigger batteries and larger SD cards for more memory. All the while trying to make my phone customized to my taste or in other words easier for me to use or “simple”. When I can spend that same amount of money on a smart phone that works out the box. All i have to do is set up a couple passwords and then boom I’m playing games and doing all the things i should be doing instead of wasting my time trying to fix what the carriers pre installed. In fact to me it would seem that andoid devices are more like tech toys. You have to learn so much to change it so that it actually works the way it should have when you bought it. Yes iphones have little to no customization. But there is truly nothing wrong with that. Because it doesn’t need it. Nothing is broken and everthing works. Its fast reliable and malware free. Not root permissions need. It just works. And as you can the gross majority of people would rather have something thats going to last them 2 years and continue to perform well than something they have to manually fix and then replace in a year.

  • Funem

    Microsft had a tablet out before Apple

    Swipe to unlock was on the Neonode N1 long before Apple patented “their idea”

    Brazil used the term iPhone long before Apple

    Siri type tech was around on phones long before Apple, has been on Android long before Siri was created.

    Apple wins most of it cases in America, strangely its an American Company, they have lost lots of cases in Europe. Swipe to unlock was a case it lost in Europe because of the Neonode N1 but won the case in America (Strange that isnt it)

    There is no part of the Apple tech you can think of that they created, it has just been jazzed up and re-packaged

    You said show me an Apple loss… here you go…
    And another
    And another