Apple CEO Tim Cook says Steve Jobs overruled him on patent suits against Samsung


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Apple and Samsung have been in a patent war since 2011. Current CEO Tim Cook has been on record as saying that he does not like to participate in what he calls “patent litigation” and apparently he wasn’t lying. According to a lengthy article provided by Reuters, Cook claims that the late Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and former CEO, opposed and overruled him on the decision to go after Samsung in court for patent infringement.

Cook says that he did not want to sue Samsung for fear of cutting ties with one of their largest component supply manufacturers. These supplies were responsible for the popular iPhone and iPad devices provided by Apple. To give you an idea, it’s estimated that Apple purchased $8 billion in parts from Samsung last year.

Cook’s worries about beginning the patent infringement cases against Samsung were justified as the court battles did prove to cause a shortage of supplies for Apple’s iPad Mini. Reuters predicts that because Apple is failing to obtain sales bans on Samsung products, Apple and Samsung will eventually reach a stalemate and will stop the court battles indefinitely. Whether or not this happens sooner rather than later is another story.

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Source: Reuters

  • Martin Williams

    Surely Apple has the most to lose here. Their screens, batteries & system-on-a-chip thingies are all made by Samsung. How many Apple components in the Galaxy range? You guessed it… none.

    • Nathan Alvarez

      Yes, agreed. Samsung has nothing to lose in terms of it’s supplies because, as you said, Samsung utilizes no parts provided by Apple. And with good reason, Samsung produces and manufactures all of its’ own parts. It’s definitely interesting to think that had Steve Jobs listened to Tim Cook regarding the decision to file against Samsung, we might be in a very different place in the tech industry.

  • Zomby2D

    Why then did Apple file another lawsuit a year after Cook took over? Shouldn’t he be trying to stop that nonsense instead of adding to it?.

    • vegiisan

      Yeah exactly. So if he’s so opposed to it, why is he incapable of ceasing all the lawsuits now? Is the ghost of Jobs holding a gun to his head? Thing is, Cook is just as ignorant as the other executives when it comes to the arrogance of believing they invented all this tech single handedly, which they did not, no company does. The tech world is contributed to by many individual technicians globally in many firms, no one else is naive enough to believe they originally invent anything.

      • RTWright

        I don’t know why you’re saying that, if I’m reading this article correctly it was Cook that was against it, Steve Jobs overruled Cook and pressed on. Which is pretty much how Steve was, he wanted anything dealing with Android to burn and it would appear that Cook was not for it but due to Steve having control he had no choice.

        NOW! I will agree, why is he letting all of this garbage continue today as everyone here is right, Samsung has nothing to lose here because Apple does not supply them with a single thing. Apple will lose out big in the end, because they will have to find new suppliers and or open up a factory of their own, which I do not see happening.

    • Nathan Alvarez

      This is a very good question that should make a lot of people question Cook’s motives. However, I believe that because the bridge has been burned, so to speak, with Samsung, Cook probably figured he would just follow through with Jobs’ wishes for patents. This hasn’t be confirmed nor denied but it’s a possible explanation.

  • Nudo

    Same old bull. Stop suing!!! Then maybe we’ll believe ya ;)

  • Seph

    The worlds gonna end now!! This is bigger problem than powerty!