Solavei and Ready SIM promise to offer LTE for customers as soon as T-Mobile launches their LTE network

T-Mobile LTE

Solavei and Ready SIM, MNVO’s who operate off of T-Mobile’s network, have announced that they want to offer LTE speeds for their customers as soon as T-Mobile’s LTE networks are ready. The problem for the companies like Solavei and Ready SIM is that if T-Mobile doesn’t want to let them use their LTE network, they simply can’t do it. There are very few prepaid services that are able to offer LTE yet, as it’s a great draw for consumers to stick with postpaid plans. We can hope T-Mobile would be willing to share that LTE, but we’ll just have to wait and see by the end of the year, when T-Mobile is expected to have completed a large chunk of their LTE rollout to cover 200 million people, despite getting off to a slow start.

source: Fierce Wireless