HTC One (aka M7) test photo shows up on Flickr



HTC has been the focus of a ton of rumors lately specifically related to their next rumored flagship phone, the HTC M7. It has been recently suggested that the name M7 will not be the official name given at the launch of the device but rather is a codename as is common with manufacturers and their products. The official name has been rumored to be the HTC One following in line with the slew of devices already available including the HTC’s current flagship phone the HTC One X.

A new image has shown up on Flickr with details suggesting that it has been taken with the anticipated smartphone, and as you can see in the EXIF data, it’s called the HTC One, which supports yesterday’s rumor. Also, the image was uploaded at a maximum resolution of 1158 x 2048 which could mean several things. It could be that the image was cropped, re-sized or even evidence of the rumored “ultrapixel” technology set to debut along with the device as one of its key features. With the One, M7 or whatever it is to be called, HTC has sparked quite a buzz for themselves and this image might just showcase one more key feature to look forward to on February 19th.


Source: Flickr
Via: Pocketnow

  • Yes.

    Galaxy S4 will smash it.

    • Osama

      Indeed. But the price point of a Nexus 4 along with its sexiness is a no brainer.

      • John

        I agree, Nexus 4 is amazing.

      • Yes.

        Yeah, but I like having the best, and I mean cutting-edge hardware with great features. Price isn’t a factor for me, as long as it’s not a rip off.

        • Thom

          Exactly how I feel. Galaxy S4 or nothing.

          • Nathan Alvarez

            I share your sentiment. Since the Galaxy S3 and the introduction of Jelly Bean, I feel Android is moving in the positive direction. Whether or not the HTC One beats out the Galaxy S IV has yet to be seen and will depend on several factors, including price. Products like the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 have proven that despite sacrifices made in specs for a lower price can still sell in outstanding numbers due to the lower price.

        • Tom Senior

          Yes but at that price, no one can complain about the Nexus 4. It’s got a lower price than any mid range phone from either Samsung or HTC.

          And Tom, go to your room.

          • Thom

            Who the hell are you talking to? There’s no ‘Tom’ here. Go home old man.

          • Nathan Alvarez

            I agree wholeheartedly. Price will give a pretty decent indication of what can be expected in terms of performance. Some products, however, don’t necessarily fall within this. The Nexus 4, for example, is a very powerful phone that is on-par with some of the most powerful smartphones in terms of capability and yet Google sells it unlocked and carrier free for $399. Relatively speaking, that’s pretty good.

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    • Uncircumcised Jew.

      Use Aveno, it helps.

      • Oh great. It’s jew again

        And spend money? I don’t think so. I collect pennies, I don’t give them away.

  • Tyrone Rhule

    I really dint know what planet you guys are on! S3 made more sales but the HTC one X is the better phone hands up. Really looking forward to HTC unveiling the HTC One (m7), and then all who doubted the under dog will have to eat their words. HTC all the way baby.