45 Bucks To Get Your S-OFF For The HTC Droid DNA


The guys over at Mobile Tech Videos have a service that will grant you S-OFF status for the HTC Droid DNA. S-OFF is required to write to certain partitions on the device and achieve true-root privileges. The S-OFF granting service is similar to the process, called JTAG, they use to unbrick phones. It’s $45 bucks plus shipping and you’ll have to do without your phone for a few days. Check out the video below of the not-so-simple process.

Via: Droid Life
Source: Mobile Tech Videos

  • David Phillips

    Not worth it.

  • http://twitter.com/ufi3h2 larry harper

    only s-off is while they have device jtagged…but not returned to you…maybe root if there nice,but still cheaper then insurance replacement for a brick…;)