Nokia CEO Anssi Vanjoki likens Android to peeing your pants to stay warm

There’s been a lot of debate over the last few months about Nokia’s decision to use Meego and Symbian as a mobile platform instead of utilizing Android. According to Anssi Vanjoki, CEO of Nokia, the Android platform only represents a short-term solution that will have consequences down the line. In an attempt to help us all understand his point of view, he oh-so-gracefully stated that manufacturers who do use Android aren’t any better than Finnish boys who “pee their pants” to stay warm during the cold winter months. Hear that, HTC / Samsung / Motorola / HP / Huawei / Acer / everyone else who makes an Android device? You guys are nothing more than pants-peeing little boys who took the easy way out with Android because you couldn’t stand the weather.

If my sarcasm isn’t dripping off the page enough yet, I apologize. This is one of the most cocky and ridiculous things this editor has ever heard. If the market share numbers aren’t enough for Nokia to realize just how versatile Google’s platform is, perhaps they should take a look at their marketing strategy. Or even their developer base. Nokia is doing nothing more here than trying to appease their shareholders and users that they’re making the right move in staying behind. Android’s numbers have continued to increase, even in quarters when Apple, Microsoft, Palm, and, yes, even Nokia, have fallen behind in gains. This isn’t to say that the other companies are put in the same category of ridiculousness here. Apple, Palm, Microsoft: they all have established lines of devices that are expected to run a particular platform. Could Microsoft adopt Android? No way. Apple? Not in a million years. But Nokia is in more of a transitional stage with their platform right now, and could feasibly make the jump.

So, likening Android to the urine coming from a scared, cold little boy is outrageous. Sure, this opinion may be a little biased, but I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would agree with my point of view. In my opinion, Nokia covering their ears an screaming “la la la” every time someone mentions Android is like a stubborn old man sitting in his rocker during a house fire while keeping his family in the house because “this is their house, dangit”. You could easily avoid the fire, Nokia, all you have to do is get up and step outside.

[via engadget]

  • Peter

    I think it makes completely sense! If they go to Google land now they will probably boost sales figures, but in the long run they will be missing out on the revenue comming from their app store OVI store. Choosing Android they will be giving a lot of potential revenue to Google. Therefore the pissing your pants to stay warm analogy makes sense.

    I also think Motorola/HTC/Samsung/SonyEricsson are doing exactly that. They are warm rigth now from peeing their pants, their sales are boosted. But they are giving a lot of revenue to Google and this will hurt them in the long run. It will be very hard for them to make money on just hardware in the future and hard for them offer uniqe products.

  • Kapil Malani

    The Nokia Guy who said this is a complete idiot, my any means.

    It remains to be seen How come Nokia get this man, CEO’s chair. But it explains why he’s a former now, even at Nokia.