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Dropbox releases new Sync API to help developers integrate service into apps


Dropbox is releasing a new API for developers that should help bring new capabilities to apps that tie into the service for file storage and sharing. The new API handles a variety of sync functions on both iOS and Android devices. Dropbox will now treat files as if they were local, managing syncing, caching, change tracking, and offline access. These functions were previously handled by app developers who had to code all of this themselves. 

Chris Cox, developer of the Squarespace Note app, indicated the new Sync API cut the amount of code required to integrate Dropbox into the Squarespace Note app by half. Besides streamlining the code, Dropbox hopes the new API will help developers streamline the process of integrating the service into their offerings. For end users, Dropbox’s mission is to make access to files more seamless so that changes are automatically reflected as files are opened on different devices in different locations.

Sean Lynch, Dropbox Product Manager, says he is excited about the future of apps that incorporate the new Sync API. He believes developers will start to deploy apps with features and functions that have been available for people who use iCloud in an Apple ecosystem. The new Dropbox API brings this capability to access content on all user devicess regardless of the computing platform, as long as people are using the Dropbox service to store the files.

source: TechCrunch