North American monthly mobile data consumption expected to exceed a total of 6 GB per user by 2017


We live in a very different world than our parents and grandparents did. We live in a world where the possibility of a person from California is able to see and communicate with a person in Beirut within a matter of seconds, sometimes even microseconds. The sobering news, however, is while we live in a connected world, that connectivity requires a ton of data to make it possible.

According to Cisco’s latest reports, North America is responsible for consuming the most data, per person, per subscription than anyone else in the world. Cisco predicts that within the next 5 years, from now through 2017, you can expect to see an average of over 11 exabytes of data used per month. To put things into perspective, a terabyte is one million gigabytes where an exabyte is one billion. To take it one step further, this would amount to 6GB per user per month. Keep in mind that these mobile devices include smartphones and tablets that are capable of consuming cellular data.

Cisco reports this expected rapid growth will be in part from North America and in part from the Asia-Pacific regions. Cisco is expecting the Asia-Pacific region to account for over 40% of the mobile data traffic by 2017. This number is reportedly up from a prior estimate in 2012 of 35% projected usage by 2016. These numbers tell a story of a new wave of technological advances and they’re all going mobile.

With devices becoming more portable with each passing year, mobile data will continue to grow. With upcoming products like Google Glass to current products like the HTC Droid DNA, mobile data is the present and future of wireless technology. Mobile data is a controversial issue, especially when dealing with carrier caps, throttling etc, and will continue to be a major concern and focus of the tech industry for years to come.

Source: FierceWireless

  • bsmoove69

    I use at least 10gb/month without wifi on NET10 pre paid with no caps and I’m happy…all those other companies with caps just don’t cut it for my heavy usage..

    • Nathan Alvarez

      That’s pretty interesting to hear. I’m not entirely familiar with NET10 and it’s interesting to hear a consumption rate of 10GB/month with that carrier. I’m currently on AT&T grandfathered into their Unlimited Data package but only under the condition that they’re able to throttle my data speeds after 5GB of usage. While I haven’t yet reached that much data usage since resigning my new contract, I would rather have the piece of mind that comes with a guarantee of no data caps.