Ice Cream Sandwich finally finds its way to HTC’s Thunderbolt


Yes folks, this post isn’t a flashback to a year ago. The HTC Thunderbolt is actually receiving the much elusive ICS update for the device. This update upgrades the Thunderbolt to Android 4.0.4 with Sense 3.6. Head to Settings > About phone > Software update to see if your update is ready.

Considering ICS came out almost a year and a half ago, I’d like to say it’s better late than never… But this is as late as you can get. Anyone still using this as their primary device?

Thanks, Josh! 

  • dhardison

    Sweet. I still use my old Thunderbolt for work emails. Grabbing the ICS update now.

  • Mat

    I am

  • Stephen McGann

    I have a co-worker unfortunet enough to end up one of these as a work phone

  • Frank

    Unfortunately still my primary. Ironically FINALLY managed to accidentally crack the screen the night before the ICS update… Still saving my upgrade for S IV, Xperia Z, or whatever else jumps out in between then thats not an HTC Product.

  • Jamie T.

    Wow! That is just ridiculous. The Thunderbolt isn’t my primary device anymore, thank God! I replaced it with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 over Christmas & am so glad to be rid of the ‘Bolt! Still, I have no regrets ever owning it, b/c it blessed me w/ my beloved unlimited 3G/4G data, which I’m grandfathered in (for as long as Verizon allows, at least). I assume most of the early adopters of the ‘Bolt have unlimited data as well, so that is definitely the silver lining.