Ouya Gaming Console To Be Available In Retail Stores By June For $100



Some lucky developers may already have what is the most revolutionary console to hit the market in quite some time— but it looks like the rest of us normal folk will have a chance to purchase the device by late spring/early summer. During an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman took some time to address the major questions that many of us have been seeking an answer for, while also giving us an indication of how much hype the console is getting at this time. Uhrman mentions right off the bat that the console will launch for the general public for a mere $100— with controllers being available for another 50 bucks and should be available at most major retailers such as Amazon, Gamestop, Target and Best Buy sometime in June; conversely, kickstarter backers will see the console by sometime next month. In addition to highlighting the cost and availability of the Ouya gaming console, she is quick to mention how much support the device is getting from not only developers, but gaming fans alike:


“We haven’t made any significant announcements for our line-up for our launch in June or our unveiling. We have about half a dozen to a dozen community sites with lists of as long as 200 titles coming to OUYA. We feel we’ll have a large suite of titles and titles from developers that are exclusive to OUYA.

You can expect games from every genre, from publishers you know, triple-A publishers. We already announced that Final Fantasy 3 is coming to OUYA from Square Enix. We are definitely working on exclusive content, Final Fantasy 3 has a lot of exclusive features — it’s the only version that’s made it to the TV. It’s a unique version that will be available only on OUYA”.



“We 68,000 backers, and we’ve been selling units every day. The number of orders have grown each month. We haven’t disclosed any numbers. I think it’s fair to say to get established players in the retail space excited about pre-selling OUYA speaks to the excitement in the marketplace. We’ve had 68,000 backers, we have more than that in pre-orders today”.


So there you have it folks— the Ouya gaming console is literally growing by the day— so it shouldn’t be too far-fetched to see some immediate success upon its release. Ladies and gents– feel free to commence the June countdown at this point.

source: Wall Street Journal



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  • phor11

    Still not sure how well most mobile games are going to translate to the big screen. I think the touchpad performance is going to be a major factor in how well the console does shortly after release.