Unified messaging feature to make possible debut in Chrome OS

by Jared Peters on
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We’ve seen Google push more and more for complete desktop and mobile integration through it’s popular browser, Chrome. Now, we’ve got a sneak peek at some brand new features to be debuted in Chrome OS, including some new notifications and an unnamed icon sitting pretty in the task bar. The notifications appear to pull from both Google+ and Google Voice, cleanly keeping everything in one place. As far as that mysterious icon goes, we don’t have much information on it, but since Google has a plethora of different communication apps in their portfolio, it isn’t too much of a stretch to assume it’s going to tie all of those together, or consolidate them. Personally, I think getting an application to text via your PC built into Android natively would be a great addition.

source: The Verge

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    Hi! What do you mean by “getting an application to text via your PC built into Android natively” ?