T-Mobile Spring roadmap leaks, pegs Galaxy S III LTE and Sonic LTE Hotspot for March


A seasonal T-Mobile roadmap has leaked to the masses today, outing several upcoming LTE-capable devices for the nation’s fourth largest carrier. The swath of listed devices include T-Mobile’s self-branded Sonic 2.0 Mobile Hotspot, capable of accessing the provider’s as-of-yet nonfunctional LTE network. Also on the list are several smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit (known internationally as the Galaxy S III mini), the Galaxy S III LTE and the all-new BlackBerry Z10.

All of the devices in question are slated to be released on March 27th, though T-Mobile has the release date of the Galaxy S III LTE listed as flexible. This means the device could end up launching on either the 27th, or the following week, April 3rd.

It isn’t incredibly surprising that T-Mobile is opting to re-release the Galaxy S III with LTE functionality, considering its successor is expected to be revealed several months later. Moreover, it wouldn’t be the first time T-Mobile has chosen to go down this path. The carrier chose to release the Galaxy S 4G around the same time two years ago which was one of the first devices to have access to the carrier’s faster HSPA+ network.

Source: TmoNews