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HD Widgets releases new app to test widget themes

Fans of popular widget app HD Widgets from may want to check out a new app that was released today to the Google Play Store. Developers are testing a new theme for HD Widgets and this new test packet, HDW: Colourform Test pack, gives actual users the ability to serve as beta testers. You do have to have HD Widgets installed, available from the Google Play Store for $1.99, in order to make use of this pack. indicates the following widgets are available with this pack:

  • one 1×1 widget
  • three 4×1 widgets
  • one 4×2 widget
  • two 6×2 widgets (intended for tablet devices) has included some new features in this pack like Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean styles; full color ranges; background opacity, tiles and textures that can be set; new dynamic settings (also called switches); and some new Roboto fonts.

To grab the test pack, use one of the download links below. If you don’t have HD Widgets already, we have included links for that as well if you’d like to give it a try.

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HDW: Colourform Test pack Download Link

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HD Widgets Download Link

  • RTWright

    I absolutely LOVE this App! It’s become my favorite of all the widget apps I’ve used. It’s simple, clean, intuitive and well put together. I’m already testing these out and I love them! They keep adding more and more features to this app and they tend to fix issues very quickly. Great job!