CyanogenMod Takes Down Chronus Clock Widget Because Of Trademarked Name, Wants People On Facebook To Make Up A New Name Instead


CyanogenMod recently introduced an awesome new Chronus clock widget that was certainly welcome with open arms. But just as quickly as the clock widget was introduced, Chronus was taken down thanks to a friendly cease & desist letter from those who have the “Cronus” name trademarked. What this means is that the CM team just wanted to avoid any costly and unnecessary trouble by getting into a legal battle, so it took the entire clock widget down… despite the clock being unique in design compared to the general design of “Cronus”.

So while the widget is down for now— fear not gang: all the CM team needs to do is simply rename the app and it should be available again without issue. In order to rename the app, it has gone out to its Facebook page and ask you the people to do the dirty work and come up with an awesome replacement name. Hopefully the CM team will have this done sooner than later.

source: CM Facebook

  • RTWright

    Well I am glad CM is taking the easier way out of this as apposed to a costly legal battle over a name which is not spelled the same nor is the products even remotely close to being the same. Sad that some company, which I went and looked up, which is small potatoes compared to CM. Has to go and pull something like this.

    Personally if it had been me, I’d never filed such a petty claim. Good waste of money on their part. We can certainly see there are far more idiots out there than just Apple that want to abuse our legal system.