Will the rumored Facebook phone use Android?

Rumors rumors everywhere, and not a drop to drink.  If you haven’t heard, the rumor mill has been churning about Facebook coming out with their own phone. Facebook is denying it, but that’s not stopping the mill from churning away. Now, with rumor comes speculation, and there are plenty of people speculating that if Facebook is in fact looking to develop their own phone, they’re leaning towards using Android as their platform.

Many are citing Facebook’s recent hiring of Android’s senior product manager Erick Tseng as evidence of this, and I can certainly see why this would make give people this idea. I am personally torn over the whole idea of a Facebook phone. One the one hand, Facebook would be able to sell quite a few phones based on the brand alone.  On the other hand, I fail to see why someone would buy a phone made by Facebook when just about every modern phone has some kind of Facebook connectivity.

Until an official announcement is made by Facebook, this one is completely in the rumor category. We’ll keep our eye on this one though, so stay tuned.

[via Gizmodo]