NVIDIA Takes Some Time To Give Insights On How The Project Shield Gaming Device Was Built


It’s no secret that some of us out there are pretty excited about NVIDIA’s upcoming Project Shield gaming device, but ever wonder how the brains at NVIDIA came up with and developed the idea of a topnotch gaming system? Well wonder no more as NVIDIA took some time to highlight some of the major factors that came into the development of the new toy. For the most part, NVIDIA believed that it was necessary to develop a new gaming device with items it already specialized in and had in-house— such as stuffing its new Tegra 4 chip and using Android-based software to operate the device— something it is quite familiar with since it already features some sort of Tegra-based chip in all sorts of devices. In addition, NVIDIA used its various development and engineering teams who are also avid gamers and implored the teams to develop a topnotch gaming system that would make not only themselves content, but having other gamers content worldwide as well. Once the concept was fully realized, all that was left was for the company to work out minor kinks like assembling the demo units and voila!!— you have the exceptional device presented at CES. Pretty neat, right?

source: NVIDIA Blog

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