Measuring The Blackberry Z10 Up To The Top Android Devices


The Blackberry Z10, equipped with the new Blackberry 10 OS, is black, sleek and in a form factor that’s not too dissimilar from the Nexus 4. Operating system aside, many of us have been wondering how the Z10 measures up some of our favorite Android devices.

For starters, its 4.2-inch screen, which would have been among the largest smartphone displays a couple years ago, feels small when compared to the Nexus 4’s 4.7-inch screen and downright tiny next to the Galaxy Note II‘s 5.5-inch screen. It might be unfair to compare its 1.5 GHz dual-core processor to the quad-core engines under the hoods of the two previously mentioned Android devices. The demands of the Blackberry 10 OS are not necessarily the same as those of Jelly Bean. The iPhone 5 has received few performance complaints and its A6 dual-core processor is barely pushing over 1GHz. When it comes to RAM, the Z10 is on pretty even footing with 2GB of RAM. Battery life also seems to be on par with the Nexus 4 and this is despite only having an 1800 mAh (removable) battery vs the 2100 mAh battery on the Nexus.

I don’t know too many people who are planning to jump from Android to Blackberry (and by too many people, I mean none) but spec-wise the Z10 looks more like a standard smartphone rather than a superphone and possible savior. For those stuck on Blackberry enterprise accounts, the Z10 looks like a better choice than what you had, but will anyone else give it a try?


About the Author: Rudy Rivapalacio

Rudy is a Southern California guy who has used his tech savvy skills in a law enforcement and corporate security career. He often jokes about having a "Windows 3.1" tattoo and has the Bill Gates-like rule regarding no Apple products in the home. His two daughters (one at Cal, one in High School) have so far found a way to abide by that rule. When not glued to Android news or on Xbox live, Rudy is probably off traveling abroad. His West Hollywood apartment is littered with a few too many bikes, cameras and Android relics, but he's found a way to hide most, or some, of his toys from his wife. Rudy is a big Chargers fan, and consequently, buys beer in bulk.

  • Daryl Adams

    I was blown away by the capabilities of the BlackBerry 10 at the launch. I pre ordered three today.

    • phor11

      Really? So far all I’ve seen is par for the course smartphone functionality.
      Anything in particular that wow’d you?

      • Demondays

        It looks good.. Can overturn the android empire I think.. But it still has a long way to go before it becomes a perfect device like an iPhone :)

  • Chris James

    I’m currently using a Galaxy Nexus with a custom ROM and I’m planning to purchase a Z10 – maybe even jump ship totally.

    • Demondays

      Do it… Don’t pay any heed to these needless articles :)..

  • Jason Esterline

    I found their launch very interesting, and slightly exciting. The demo they gave of the device and it’s multitasking was pretty cool. I’ll be watching closely to see how the reviews look come March upon its US launch.

  • phor11

    “The iPhone 5 has received few performance complaints and its A6 dual-core processor is barely pushing over 1GHz.” – But the GPU in the A6 is phenomenal. That’s why it can still perform well despite the aging architecture and lower clock speed on its CPU.

    The rumors that we’ve seen about the Z10 show it using either an OMAP 4470 or Snapdragon S4 which both use last gen GPU architectures. So I’m still skeptical that it’s going to be able to compete at the $200 (on contract) price-point.

    • D

      The specs don’t matter if your phone provides better and smoother experience than everybody else.. I’ve had the opportunity of laughing at phones that are pumped up on steroid but doesn’t even come close to competing this iPhone 5 thing that I’ve been using.. Haha..

      • phor11

        I completely disagree.
        If you’re going to use your smartphone as a gaming device as billions of people do, then specs matter. Camera specs always matter and have nothing to do with how smooth the rest of the experience is.

        If you think the iPhone 5 doesn’t have top of the line specs, then you’re not looking at all the specs that matter. Sure the CPU is just dual core and clocked lower than other phones, but the GPU is a Tri-core monster that destroys the competition.

        You can’t just look at the CPU clock speed and core count, you have to look at the architecture, the GPU, the memory bandwidth, what resolution it has to push to, etc… etc…

        Specs matter if you’re actually forming a complete picture before making comparisons.

        • RTWright

          I agree with your point about specs matter, I don’t agree that the iPhone 5 is the top of the line of anything other than Apple’s horrid proprietary line of devices. My GS3 out performs it, as far as gaming goes, I have a few, but I leave that to the real a real machine, my custom built PC.

          To me smartphones should not be considered gaming devices due to a great many issues they have with them. Overheating is a primary issue, not only does it over long periods of time cause harm to the hardware but the games can only be played for so long before becoming extremely sluggish do to this.

          I don’t see that changing till they come out with a way of keeping temperatures down, put some kind of micro ventilation in there because everyone I’ve owned so far and tried to play any games on. They get extremely hot and it doesn’t take long to reach that point. Bodies are too thin, no vents, screens are getting bigger and drive the heat up a lot as well. Mostly it’s CPU heat with the GS3, the screen seems to be but after a while it’s just too hot.

          Not to mention, Apple has never been known for it’s gaming side anyway. Android has more than Apple in this regards and growing at a rapid rate. Already we have a console that’s driven by Android, it looks to be shaping up nicely but I hold off any real judgements till it releases to everyone. But Tablets and Smartphones, eh, too hot for my interest not to mention the incredible drain on the batteries when playing anything extremely graphically intensive.

  • rich_bown

    The actual device is only part of luring customers back. If they have made the switch to another ecosystem, they will have invested a lot of time and money in buying apps etc for their current phone. Buying into another one means leaving all that investment behind. I’m not switching, am happy with android.

  • Dave C

    It would be nice if you made your article more about the whole experience rather than specs alone. No matter what specs blackberry came out with it is still not a compettitor without a superior OS. In fact you could say the specs almost don’t matter as long as they are not significantly inferior to the competition.

    • D

      That is exactly why android licks iOS’ toes :p

  • Demondays

    2. Bb10
    3. Android
    4. Wp8
    As of yesterday :D… A lot of shaky “android fan-boy” and “ios-reject developer” knees.. I loved the z10.. I would get it in a flash if I weren’t so satisfied with the ios experience..

  • RTWright

    For starters, RIM is so far down the line in sales, they need something to at least give them a hope to stay in this market much longer. The only ones other than them that is this low is Microsoft. I used to be a Blackberry user, it was my first smartphone honestly. But nothing they are putting out or have put out, can compete with Android and neither does the iPhone 5.

    This Z10 is barely sub par at best with most devices out there. They needed to shoot higher if they want to regain anything at all in the market. They’re so far behind right now it’s almost as if they’re a ghost company. It looks cool I’ll admit, but it offers nothing really compared to what is out there already.

    I love how so many crApple lemmings we have coming here too, they all want to push their iOS in our faces and sorry to say my GS3 is better than anything Apple has put out. But that’s the case with Lemmings, they always follow each other everywhere they go and fall over each other repeatedly. Anyway, I wish RIM good luck with this, but I do not see it gaining them any ground hardly at all. The people that are already on their devices will be a lot happier, because it’s definitely for them, a true upgrade….