Galaxy Tab to Use Chrome OS, Not Android?

The Galaxy Tab hasn’t even reached our shelves yet but rumours are already flying about the future of the device. One rumour that is going around today is that the device will be able to not only run Chrome OS, but ultimately will use it instead of Android.

Apparently, the Galaxy Tab’s stock OS (Android) “can be replaced with Chrome, when that arrives, though owners who aren’t tech savvy should have this upgrade carried out by a professional“. That was written in a subscribers-only report of the Sunday Times yesterday and was then picked up by a number of other sites.

While this rumour doesn’t exactly scream credibility, it certainly is an intriguing one. We have not got a copy of the Sunday Times article that mentions this, but reports say they do not provide a quote or source for the information.

Whether true or not, the idea can still be discussed. Will the 7” device be big enough to utilise Chrome OS fully? Would the device be powerful enough? Would Chrome OS in fact limit the devices capabilities instead of making it better?

[via Yahoo!]

  • Nabeel Ahmed

    I can easily digest it. And I am sure we will see Linux too on this beast.

  • Matt

    Both are made by google so it doesn’t matter yes i know OHA technical created it by what ever