NVIDIA to begin Tegra-powered smartphones and tablets through local partners

NVIDIA had some pretty decent success with their Tegra 3 processor, and after CES, they’re poised to make an even bigger splash with the Tegra 4. But in a market as competitive as smartphones and tablets, where Qualcomm dominates the high end and Mediatek is slowly taking over the low end devices, it’s no guarantee that your product will sell, even if it’s the best product available on the market. NVIDIA knows this, and they’ve got a plan to stay relevant. Sources say NVIDIA will begin making reference designs for smartphones and tablets, and those designs will be licensed out to smaller vendors to actually sell the devices under their own brands. This is a great strategy for starting a strong market presence in regional markets, and it will help NVIDIA make quality tablets that can be offered at a cheap price. We’ll supposedly start to see some of these tablets pop up between May and June. Would you be interested in an NVIDIA manufactured tablet? Sound off in the comments.

source: Unwired View

  • Richard Yarrell

    I wish Nvidia well in it’s quest it will be a hard sell. I roll with Samsung only and you won’t be finding any nvidia cpu’s in any Samsung devices that’s for sure. Matter of fact it appears Nvidia is copying Samsung which I can’t blame them actually. Yes Qualcomm and it’s Snapdragon 600 and 800 will be in many devices by August 2013. What nvidia better worry about is Samsung and it’s Exynos 5 Octa with 8cores. Lg and Sony have already lined up to inquiry for usage of the Exynos Octa. Normally Samsung stays in house with it’s cpu processors but since they KICKED APPLE to the curb other manufacturers will get a taste of the Octa 5.

    • krudd

      I agree, I would buy an octa over the tegra 4 device anytime. It’s common sense; would I pay $600 for a low grade, cheap Tegra CPU, or would I pay $650 for a high quality CPU with more capabilities? Is it obvious that the answer is not Tegra?

      • Richard Yarrell

        Yes sir Tegra 4 will not over take Exynos 5 Octa.

    • RTWright

      The only problem I feel that is needed to be worried about with any of them, especially Samsung. Everyone of these so called monster CPU’s has heat related issues and the Octa will be no different, if not it will be worse. nVidia has the same issues as well, I would actually wager they overheat more than even the Samsung and my GS3 gets extremely hot in CPU intensive situations with some apps.

      Personally, if I want to game, I’ll do it on my PC where it belongs. Minor games just to pass time like Bejeweled and Pool, something like that? Eh, those are fine, but highly graphical intense games need to be done on a system designed to handle it better. Tablets and Smartphones just get too dang hot for my comfort. I’d hate to pay so much for a device like that and have it damaged from heat. It has happened to, look it up!

      • Richard Yarrell

        Well let’s see exactly what happens i hope all works great. Otherwise I will hold onto my Galaxy Note 2 happily.

  • jreely048

    I only go for top of the line CPU’s, that means TI, Intel, Qualcomm, and Exynos. Anything else isn’t worth my money. If I want gaming, I’ll take one of the many alternate GPU’s that can deliver at least 3x the performance, the best usually being PowerVR, followed by Mali and then Adreno. Tegra 3 GPU lost to my Galaxy Tab 2 GPU, which isn’t surprising, but it’s sad cuz that device was a POS and it still won the benchmarks.

  • Darkmatter

    I would want to see some benchmarks and some side by side game play with tegra 4 and Exynos octa 5 and qaulcomm. B4 I make the jump again. I have a tf201 with tegra 3 and it was OK when it first came out in December 2011 but my snapdragon I have now just blows it away in every aspect even though its a duel core against a 4+1 that’s sad.

  • BmackZ

    Still rocking the touch pad with cm9, far from a hardcore gamer as long as its fast and fluid I really have no loyalty when it comes to the internals. As long as it is aesthetically pleasing and will last for longer than two years, I’m down.