New, unlimited talk and text prepaid plan may be headed to Verizon February 1st

New leaked documents of Verizon training materials suggest new prepaid plans will be available for Verizon customers on February 1st. The new plans will give buyers unlimited talk and text messaging starting at $60 per month for a plan that includes 500MB of data. Customers can bump that up to 2GB of data for only $10 more per month. The training document also provides information on pay-as-you-go fees in case consumers let their balance drop below the minimum monthly cost. There is also an option to purchase an additional 1GB of data for $20 in any given month if a user thinks they will exceed their cap. This additional overage amount can be added once a user is down to only 100MB  of remaining data.

According to the document, Verizon will grandfather users who are on the old $80 per month plan which provided 1GB of data, or 2GB in some cases, to go with the unlimited talk and text. That doesn’t seem like much of a deal since one could get the same or better data for $10 less with a new plan. Perhaps Verizon will recognize this before Friday and make some tweaks to the new plans.

source: phoneArena

About the Author: Jeff Causey

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  • Lachlan

    Well that looks like a complete rip off for prepaid! Glad I’m in Aus haha $29 gets you unlimited calls, texts and 6GB of data for a month :D

  • Richard Yarrell

    Who in there right mind would choose this??? Verizon is useless contract wise so you know prepaid is clearly a waste.

    • squiddy20

      Richard Yarrell is able to buy 2 (carrier subsidized) devices per year, so you *know* he’s “rolling with the big dogs”. What a hilarious joke.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Without me you ain’t nothing. I make you and I know you wish you was me. Keep trying one day you will be about something.

        • squiddy20

          You make me? Do you think you gave birth to me or something? Well, at least I now know how f*cked up your brain is…
          And no, I don’t “wish I was you” (BTW, the correct word in that sentence is “were”. Try learning correct English). I don’t want to be you because you’re a hypocritical, self-interested, self-centered moron who thinks whatever device he owns is “the greatest” or “BOSS”, even though countless thousands, if not millions of people, have the exact same phone.
          I laugh at your idiocy.